Trifecta: Week Ninety-Seven ~ Adjective-@ss !

Prompt ~ Ass (adverb/adjective) often vulgar

Once upon a time ass was not the German arsch with silent ‘r’; and a horse was not an ass. In spite of sharing some common characteristics the two were quite different.

In a very different sphere of activity a rare disease transformed in to an epidemic. In spite of a vast network of epidemiological surveillance, the international health agencies were unaware of it. The disease became endemic in certain geographical areas, and then with increased global movement and communication it is a pandemic now.

The proof lies in the fact that even the Trifectans are now showing symptoms of Coprolalia. Even the experts are not very sure of its pathology.  It is a malfunctioning of certain neurotransmitters, which are chemicals that the brain transports throughout the body. If something goes wrong with the transportation of neurotransmitters, it may cause the body to mistakenly cause impulses that the brain did not want to trigger. This may result in uncontrollable movements and speech. It is atypical smart-ass answer that leaves the lay-ass fuming.

The net is full of profiles with names like dumb-ass, bad-ass and many other adjective-ass(s). Alas even the responses to current Trifecta challenge shows that Coprolalia has infected those who were immune till last Sunday.

Even the non contesting readers have not been spared. They are victims of Echolalia and keep voicing the end products of defecation repeatedly.

No more of this sick-ass write up, for I am off to browse the net for some alternative therapies. I need it urgently.


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