Copyright - E.A. Wicklund

Copyright – E.A. Wicklund

The ‘gull-scene’ curtain finally rose to reveal the cast of Chekhov’s play.

Last act is enacted. The main characters gather. Irina is back with her father. Nina is a moderate success. She had miscarried the baby from Trigorin.  Kostya is a writer of repute, but considers himself inferior to Trigorin; he tells Nina that he never stopped loving her.

An older and broken Nina admits that she still loves Trigorin.

Kostya goes away and shoots himself.

Lives twisted together, each inconsequentially important.

A final bow and perfunctory applause.

Dom in the back-row introspects; like seagulls we scavenge for our pride.

Words  ~ 100


Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.

20 thoughts on “Theater!

  1. I felt like you were juggling many balls in the air with this story — and, while doing that, twisting an end of a Salvador Dali-like mustache (I have no idea if you even have a mustache). All of it was well done, you balanced the various pieces very nicely, and that last line reached out and inspired more story behind the play.

  2. Interesting capsule of the play – and the only one this week to reference Checkov. You need to correct a word here – “A final bow and perfunctory applauds” – you mean applause.
    Otherwise, nicely wrought.

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