Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ Mind Games !

Prompt ~ Torture

The mind shuts off when physical pain becomes unendurable but it has no such capacity when its wanderings become a threat for the body. Our minds are our worst torturers.

Meditation is so simple that we misunderstand it because our minds fail to realize the illusory nature of time. Unfortunately, the mind dictates the heart and the torture begins. Luckily, meditation is our inherent nature.  Just walk on the sand; look out of your window and see those marvelous hills (~ divert/ occupy the mind) and you find solace.

A little solitude and one is on his way to ‘samadhi’ (~ eternal peace). Solitude helps when one is not frightened to be alone. The heart knows that the stillness was there in the beginning; is now; and will always be there. 

Self-torture is essentially a conflict of heart and mind. Let the heart decide as it answers in a simple – Yes and No.

My mind torments my

troubled heart perpetually

live stockholm syndrome

 words <220




21 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ Mind Games !

  1. Being in one’s own head is the worst torture? I guess I have days like that, but my head is full of stories and jokes most days. Stillness is a relief I strive for, too. Nice take on the prompt!

  2. I enjoyed this….I will say I use meditation daily in my life and when I was going through horrible physical pain, I would escape it with my mind. I would fall into mantras and breathing exercises.

      • I meant pain from disease and treatments. 🙂 My friend also helps those dealing with PTSD and other mental issues with yoga and meditation.

      • PTSD is a very debilitating psychiatric problem. Yoga and meditation are powerful tools in modern pain management practice. Unfortunately, it is under utilized.

      • She works with the Wounded Warrior program and partners it with art therapy. They have private sessions but there are many times when I go to class, a few will be there for the iRest classes. They really seem to benefit from it.

      • iRest is what she uses most often for them. Which is actually yoga nidra. People with PTSD typically cannot voice their issues but when she gets them in that state of rest, they can leave their mind and go into their bodies to work through a lot. She is very passionate about helping them.

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