Trifecta: Week Ninety Eight ~ The Violet Jewel!

This is the complete story of Master R and the furious monster. The first part was posted in Trifextra week eighty eight.

Prompt ~ Zombie (noun) – a mixed drink

The monster-zombie knew that only the violet jewel could save him. The beautiful maid Amethyst was turned in to the gem ‘amethyst’ by Gods. The crystals that came from the heart of the Amethyst were deep violet with a red flame in the center. Only a few such stones exist and these have the capability of blessing the owner to be free from all addictions.

The zombie needed it as he wanted to be free of his addiction of eating brains. To escape his torturers he had sneaked in to hell. However, he had been kicked out of River Styx and all the nine hells and cursed to roam the land of dead till he was cured of his addiction by the great devil himself. He could not even think of returning there but he also dared not disobey Master R. 

A glass of zombie would be very welcome right now, he thought. Alas!

Deep inside the haunted crevice, the spirits of those who had dropped by the steep climb, wailed eternally.

Meanwhile, Master R, who was actually Cato (the guardian of the steep path) had found out about the devil’s curse. He decided to help.

Suddenly there was an eerie violet fluorescence in the crevice. The accursed spirits stopped wailing.  A whiff of french-fries hit his nostrils. Strangely he wanted some (and it did not made him retch).

Whoooosh and the zombie found himself at the foot of a very high mountain. A steep path led to the top,

Master R materialized and prodded the zombie – the detox facility is at the top.

Words < 333




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