The Roman Physician!

Prompt ~

Copyright - Sandra Crook

Copyright – Sandra Crook

It was a big day for Socles. He was a doctor of sorts in the roman times. 

The amphitheater was full and 22 fights were scheduled for that day.  He had to deliver the miracle drugs to Antaios who was fighting Superbus, winner of 33 fights.

Socles had a bottle of wine containing different berries, poppy, nux, nettles, coffee, etc. He also had honeyed royal-jelly sucks (5 Denarius each).

He hoped to earn  10 Denarius from it, and  another 20 from  selling the fresh blood of Antaios to epileptics who were waiting in the alleys around the amphitheater.

Words  < 100


Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



28 thoughts on “The Roman Physician!

  1. Dear Yarnspinner,

    This was a good one. You convincingly placed us in the moment and had us following Socles through his busy day. Imaginative take on the prompt and in describing his rounds.



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