Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ The sky !

Prompt ~ Penny’s  photo-  ‘looking up’

The mind like the sky is formless, shapeless, colorless and genderless. Essentially it is pure, limitless and ubiquitous. The linkages remain largely unexplored by modern science.

However, block the sky and the normal functioning of mind is adversely affected. This is evident from the record of prisoners locked up in dungeons or poorly ventilated cells.

The high rise box like structures being provided as houses to multitudes has largely severed the relationship between the human spirit and the sky with consequent rise in mental disorders as is apparent in burden of disease calculations of international health agencies.

Unfortunately the perspective is too abstract to catch the attention of health specialists.

a fistful of sky

a thin slice of cosmic pie

benignly doled  out

words <220



13 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ The sky !

  1. i wonder how much the cosmic pie cost per thin slice and this is a good look at the importance of having interaction with the outside world. enjoyable haibun. ☺

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  3. A unique angle and how very true! A Colombian friend of mine was driven to despair by the cloudy days of Scotland over winter, not being able to see blue sky,though it was sky for me. Again ahighly entertaining and thoughtful read.

  4. Your haibun is a wonderful and definitely interesting perspective…yes, on the photo and on the fact how much sky has to do with the way mind flies. Or can’t spread wings even a tiny bit.

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