The Sunday Yarn ~ Phobias!

Prompt ~

29 10 October 13th 2013

Dom looked at the whirling swing with a score of persons suspended in mid-air and exclaimed – Ah,  a horizontal Ferris wheel!

With great difficulty I controlled the laughter waiting to explode and said – No, this is a treatment center for people suffering from irrational and disabling fear.

Dom – What fear (scratched his head). Oh, you mean phobias.

I nodded.

Dom – What type of phobias are treated here?

I – Nearly all types, however this particular machine is for those suffering from Acrophobia, Agoraphobia and Aviophobia.

Dom – I suppose you can explain in lay man language (frowning).

I – Well these are fear of heights, open spaces and flying.

Dom – Ah (smiled) and where do they treat other type of fears.

I pointed to a faraway building.

Dom – Do they treat Coulrophobia too.

I was flummoxed – What is that?

Dom – It is a condition that I am suffering from … fear of clowns.

I smiled sheepishly and Dom guffawed.

Words ~ 156


5 thoughts on “The Sunday Yarn ~ Phobias!

  1. Haha that would definitely clear the fear of heights, flying and open spaces. 🙂 Mind you, if you put a clown in there with them … that would sort it out 😉

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