Trifecta: Week One hundred ~ Laughter!

Prompt~  33 – 333 words using  ‘Phantom’ (noun)

He laughed. He tried to control but the more he tried more he laughed. Ripple after ripple ran through his fat belly; one could see his belly shake under the shirt. He rolled from side to side on the settee. Even his fat thighs rippled with mirth. It was an ungainly sight to see the pale, hairless fat man laughing with his whole body.

The fat man was laughing at me. I had lost a big bet to him and did not have the money to pay him. It had seemed pretty certain that the local champion would make mincemeat of the puny outsider. It was not to be and in the process the fat man had his revenge.

He would pester me till I paid him and generally ensure that I avoided him, besides he had the chance to tarnish my reputation in the small town.  He would rule the pool room now.

The incidence occurred more than a decade ago. Unable to pay the debt, I left the town to avoid more humiliation. I would run and hide even if I heard a  titter. A clairvoyant cured me; he showed me the fat man crying for mercy as he was tortured by demons in hell.

Even today, the phantom of the laughing fat man haunts me at the faintest hint of ridicule. However, it has been responsible for my success as a reliable business man. I cover all type of bets – also called satta in India.




20 thoughts on “Trifecta: Week One hundred ~ Laughter!

  1. It’s satisfies me that the fat man turned out to be the ultimate loser here, and that in the strange way things have of working out-his evilness actually helped someone else find success in the end. Extremely clever piece of writing!

  2. Loved the yarn that you spun with the prompt, and as Christine said in her earlier comment, your description of the fat man in the opening paragraph is truly awesome….

  3. I found myself smiling along with the fat man’s laughter. How exhilarating it must feel to laugh with your entire body. Good to see the failure years earlier made him a better business man.

  4. So many ways to find your calling! Nice to see karma working the way it’s supposed to.
    Loved the image of the fat man laughing.

  5. Ha!ha!YS,never knew you were into betting ;-)A great read and yes nothing is worse than being made to feel small & insignificant-no wonder the fat man’s laughter haunted the protagonist for so long-good that he got his just desserts in hell 🙂

    • Thank you, Atreyee.

      It is the narrator of the tale who is in to betting 🙂

      I liked your entry, beautifully written and the emotions so palpable.

      i tried commenting on your blog, but the comment is not showing – wp glitch 😦

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