The Sunday Yarn ~ Desire!

Prompt ~

30 10 October 20th 2013

The butler opened the door and was surprised to see the family crest in the arms of the gargoyle.

He informed his lordship.  The whole family and the many servants gathered to see the strange phenomenon. The gargoyle that had been the guardian of the door was now cuddled up with the dragon, the lion and other creatures on the coat of arms.

Finally, the wizard was called.

The wizard came after a few days. He examined the gargoyle and the coat of arms. He had a look at the original spot of the gargoyle. He had a talk with other gargoyles in the manor. All was futile.

At last the wizard went back to the door and pleaded with the gargoyle. The gargoyle just stared back. The wizard turned deep red, his nostrils flared and his eyes were on fire. He took out his wand and pointed it at the gargoyle and mumbled under his breath.

All were surprised to see tears rolling down the gargoyles eyes. Then it said, ‘I want a chimera as a son and only this crest can give it to me as it has genes of all the animals’ .

Words <200


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