Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ Chaos!

Prompt ~”Perfect order is the forerunner of perfect disorder.” Carlos Fuentes.

Order that is visible to all is often uniformity in disguise. Brownian movement is apparently a state of disorder, but only till one develops an understanding of the nature of particles and the medium in which it is observed.

The basic nature of the universe is extreme complexity and inexplicable disorder; the mysteriously tangled magnificence is popularly known as chaos. The chaos is an explanation or a contributing factor to real-world behaviors. Some examples are epileptic seizures, heart fibrillation, neural processes, chemical reactions, weather besides many others.

Physicists, mathematicians and philosophers already accept it as a dimension in their own way. It may prove to be the defining dimension in times to come. A well appreciated feature of chaos is that a miniscule change may lead to large differences. The butterfly effect is a popular image of chaos. Aristotle may have been referring to this when he observed that “the least initial deviation from the truth is multiplied later a thousand fold”

Any efforts to bring a so called ‘order’ (uniformity) in the dimension of chaos shall inevitably result in devastation of unprecedented scales that we may even be unable to predict at this juncture of our understanding.

 Apparent chaos

order given cold shoulder

do not tamper please

words <220



12 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ Chaos!

  1. Duuude!
    A completely original effort. This may not recount a journey through real space but it definitely reads like an exploration of one of Halloween’s many crooked angles.
    Nice effort.

    Here’s a link to a site run by a well known haibun writer, Ken Jones. He gives his introduction to haibun and some links to essays on the subject:

    Thanks for the read,
    Joe @ flatfroghaiku

  2. There is always a delectable pleasure in coming to your post. This reads as good as any philosophy I have read, and your mentioning of Aristotle here most interesting. Unfortunately I have not the mind of the mathematicians and physicists, but if they find formulas in chaos or the lack of order it is all the more interesting. But what I particularly enjoyed is the notion that they find another dimension in disorder, indeed a defining dimension.A fascinating read.

    • I am glad you found this interesting. I should have used more imagery and used an alternative form of writing. Unfortunately, I did not. As such this is not a good haibun but the prompt was very luring …… and this was the result.

      Thanks for the visit and the feedback, Pirate 🙂

      • My my where does this self criticism needlessly appear!. Perhaps I need explaining where imagery is supposed to come from when you have reached from butterflies to Aristotle! Your concept and subject were too powerful to worry about the frivolous dear sir. This is one of your finest, more complex and layered than previous. Don’t try to throw in “imagery” as well!

  3. Your absolutely original approach to the haibun is what I really enjoy and admire. Your writing brings me to the places where it didn’t expect to go but feels so positive about exploring, comparing. The obvious and the possibilities, interpretations. And the haiku…came with a smile. 🙂

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