Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ Another journey!

Prompt ~ Mother and child

I do not know how long I spent in the spirit world. It was a state of awareness without summer, winter or any concept of time. I was only aware of a sense of completeness and my shortcomings – a contradiction that I found difficult to accept. The events of many past births were constantly being reviewed and the scorecard (if it can be called that) showed that I had a few debts to pay. Also I had to iron out the wrinkles of my soul. These wrinkles were – not enough compassion and too much love for my persona.

I was guided in to a small baby body few days before its birth. It was a very restrictive. I was just an extension of my mother’s body, all her pain and distress was my fate too. After birth it was comparatively easy. I slept most of the time. It gave me time to adjust to my new body.

My mother was the complete universe and all powerful.  

Slowly, I would out-grow the dependence to rediscover her in the divine mother, divine energy and omnipotence in later life. Unfortunately, it would be in the autumn of my life ensuring that I come back again.

 I bow to you Ma

with all good and bad in me

take them all mother

words <220




25 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ Another journey!

  1. This is very interesting, with real insight. Culturally fascinating and a well-written description. A very beautiful haiku, personal and touching, in a compelling style. I enjoyed this esoteric view written in the way you did very much.

  2. Ah YS!This is so spiritually inspired and I loved the nuances of our culture:-)Beautifully written and it seems reincarnation is on your mind these days 😀

  3. This is such a different and movingly-written perspective. My dad (bless his soul) was very interested in the concept of reincarnation – I had some very interesting discussions with him when I was a teenager!

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