The Sunday Yarn ~ Sleight of hand!

Prompt ~

33 11 November 10th 2013

Amazingly, this little toy ship reminds me of another that was covered with gold and silver. It had purple silks from Tyre. On a golden throne embedded with gems reclined Venus in white silk, surrounded by little cupids with brocade wings.

A fleet of ships bearing the army of Venus sailed behind this luxury ship. As the ship reached its destination the crowd chanted Venus, Venus ……

Thus was Antony overpowered.

And then I see myself, standing behind the golden couch in splendid armor with drawn swords. I now recollect the unfortunate magician who taught this Venus the sleight of hand that struck the final nail in Antony’s coffin – her pearl cocktail.

Words <200

11 thoughts on “The Sunday Yarn ~ Sleight of hand!

  1. The broad cardboard swords of childhood covered with tin foil and the dime store string of pearls.
    I haven’t written on this prompt yet… I might do another double for the Dixie Queen saga.

    Thanks again for your kind visits.

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