Trifecta: Week 104 ~ Companions for life.

Prompt~Companion (Noun)

Seedha sorely missed Khabba.

Khabba was a companion to Seedha.   Seedha  was very competent and could do most of the things yet  liked the  others company.  He realized this only when Khabba met with an accident and left him alone.

Seedha  needed his companion’s help to greet, perform religious rituals, do ablutions in the traditional way, thread a needle, open a bottle, lift heavy objects  – an endless list.

He realized  the level of his dependence when he was provided with a non-living robotic companion so that he could meet the daily challenges of life.

In north of India, right side is referred as Seedha and the left side as Khabba.

Words ~ 111

:  one that accompanies another :  comrade, associate; also:  one that keeps company with another
obsolete :  rascal

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18 thoughts on “Trifecta: Week 104 ~ Companions for life.

  1. AC, The explanation of the meaning of the words for Seedha and Khabba was very interesting, and I can see this also applying to one who has had a stroke. I love that I learn something new every time I visit! Excellent, my friend!

    • Yes it applies to many physical disabilities, what ever the cause. Loss of function of any part of body is difficult to overcome, and loss of companionship for one or the other part.

      Thanks for the read and appreciation. 🙂

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