The Boabab Tree!


Wisdom is like a boabab tree; no one person can embrace it – African Proverb.


It bears lovely white flowers, which on drying out have a golden tinge. The flower has five petals. This tree blossoms very occasionally, with very few flower, but when it does, it spreads its fragrance far and wide.

I visited this baobab tree a long time ago with my father. Recently, I visited it with my son. It was trip down the memory lane.

There are not many baobab trees in north India. This is called a Parijat tree. It is considered sacred and many legends are associated with it as it is considered to be wish-bearing-tree (kalpvriksha from heaven). This is located in Kintur, about 38 kms east of the district headquarters, Barabanki in UP, India.

 It has certainly been very benevolent to me.


6 thoughts on “The Boabab Tree!

  1. Beautiful memories you have shared here, and I love th African proverb you have chosen to go along with them.
    PS: Thank you very much for being a part of the challenge! I am sorry there was no new prompt last Sunday. I have been on the road constanty for almost 2 weeks but I promise the challenge will be back this weekend again.

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