Trifecta: Week 108 ~ The Insides of a man!

Prompt~ Father

“How do I explain this to you, my dear boy?” The man with unkempt beard in dirty overalls scratched his chin.

“If you take away the outer layers from most people, you shall find muscle and nerves and fibers – right? You learn about muscles in school?” He queried.

The boy nodded.

“Well, there are other ways people are assembled. If you peel away their outer layers – you shall find leaves and roots and bark, And a few like I and your dad have whirlys, chips, discs and wires inside us.”

“Okay,” The boy quietly watched the man reassemble the father he loved.

Words  ~ between 33 and 333,

:  one that accompanies another :  comrade, associate; also:  one that keeps company with another
obsolete :  rascal

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