A perspective.

I have returned to Sufi after a long time.
Happy New Year.


Transition from one stage to another is the rule of this cosmos. Change is often depicted as good, bad or neutral. I consider it simply as a path to onward journey. I reproduce here an ancient tale of forecast about present times  from the Hindu myths.

One day, after the end of the Mahabharata war, Yudhishthira expressed his unwillingness to rule for the time being and insisted that he must leave for the forests to meditate. Later on, he could resume his duties. Lord Krishna smiled and said, “Then perhaps you would not be able to rule as Kaliyuga (age of downfall) has already arrived.” He asked the five brothers to go in different directions and meet him in the evening.

 The five Pandavas left in different directions and each of them saw a surprise.

-Yudhisthar saw to his surprise an elephant with two trunks.

-Arjuna saw the…

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