The Sunday Yarn ~ Gloom dispersed!

Prompt ~

Sunrise coming through the clouds. Of course, in your fiction, it could be absolutely anything

The old man sat in his verandah smoking his pipe. His son lay inside in a depressive episode after he had been fired from his umpteenth job for being inattentive. The boy was not an addict. He was not in love. Nobody knew his problem.

The doctors had labeled it ADHD/ADD though he could discuss esoteric issues for hours.

The old man had studied ADHD in depth and stopped  all medical treatment. He let his son live in peace, just supporting him.

The old man saw the sun overcome the clouds and he watched the gold percolate. He felt the sun fill his entire being. His old heart pumped with a new vigor and he could feel the blood warm his toes that were always cold.

The old man got up and dragged his son to the verandah.

OM – Now look at the sky and see the gold lining in the dark clouds. See the sun shine and feel the warmth. All gloom has been banished by the emerging sun.

The old man’s son looked at the sun and uttered –  the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings; and you will go forth and skip about like calves from the stall.

word ~203


Sunday Photo Fiction

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