Easily solved!

Prompt ~

Copyright - Janet Webb

Copyright – Janet Webb

This is one of the worst rehabilitation centres I have ever seen; and believe me I have been inside quite a few.  I am sick of them.

People never understand about altered states of consciousness.  Crick would not have dreamt up the double helix of DNA if he had not been in a LSD haze, or Freud his psychoanalysis without his coke.

I flew the cuckoo’s nest to find that my virtual mistress and the elixir that I alchemized would be put under the hammer.

A little problem – yes, but easily solved with some common chemicals.

Words  < 100


Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.


39 thoughts on “Easily solved!

  1. You hint here at that intriguing truth – the stories we tell ourselves to justify our actions. I think your character is a long way from the road to recovery! One little note – I think you mean “one of the worst rehabilitation centreS”. Feel free to edit this comment if you change it!

  2. I leave this feeling he’s planning on blowing somewhere up with his common chemicals rather than imbibing some more. Enjoyed the Crick and Freud paragraph. What would William Burroughs’ writing have been without his heroin?

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