The Sunday Yarn ~ Moon’s Demand!

Prompt ~

48 02 February 23rd 2014

The prompt reminds me of a poem in Hindi that I loved in my school days. This was written by a famous Hindi poet – Sri Ramdhari Singh Dinkar (1908 – 1974)

I have taken the liberty of posting a translation (not very exact) here as  it reads like a child’s fantasy.

One day the moon demanded that his mother  get a thick woolen Jhingola (tunic) stitched for him as he had to travel through the sky facing bitter cold and harsh winds;  and if that was not possible, ,,,,,,,,,, get him one on hire.

The mother blessed him and agreed that what he said about cold sky and harsh winds was true. However, she was perturbed about the size of the gown as some times he was just a finger thick and at others had fat yard-full of girth and occasional disappeared. Never seen you having the same size two nights in a row ………. always waxing and waning.

Tell me which day to get you measured for the tunic by the tailor so that it fits you on all days, mother asked.

Words < 140

For those who know Hindi, here is the original poem.

Chaand Ka Kurta (a transliteration in English)

 Ramdhari Singh Dinkar

 Hath kar baitha chand ek din maata se yah bolaa

Silwaa do maa mujhe oon kaa motaa ek jhingolaa

Sun-sun chalti hawaa raat bhar jaare me martaa hoon

Thithur thithur kar kisi tarah yaatraa poori kartaa hoon

Aasmaan ka safar aur yeh mausam hai jaare kaa

Na ho agar to la do mujhko kurtaa hi bhaare kaa

Bachche ki sun baat kahaa maataa ne – “are salone”

Kushal kare bhagwaan lage mut tujhko jadu tone

Jaare ki to baat theek hai pur mai to darti hoon

Ek naap mein kabhi nahin tujhko dekhaa karti hoon

Kabhi ek angul bhar chauraa kabhi ek foot motaa

Baraa kisi din ho jaataa hai aur kisi din chhotaa

Ghataa-Badhta roj kisi din aisaa bhi kartaa hai

Nahin kisi ki bhi aankon ko dikhlai partaa hai

Ab tu hi ye bataa naap teri kis roj liwaein?

See dein ek jhingola jo hur roj badan mein aaye!


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