House Proud !

Prompt ~

Copyright -Sandra Crook

Copyright -Sandra Crook

Prolonged hot weather and the resulting parched lawns have some homeowners considering alternatives to their suburban carpet of greenery. To save water, money and time, a number of peers have already replaced their lawns with “xeriscaping” gardens that use less-thirsty, more heat-tolerant plants.

Lord Hardhead was house proud and could go to any length to keep his ancestral home at the top of ‘ten best homes’.

He watched the bales of xerigrass being brought in, and hoped the insurers of Lady Hardhead’s life paid soon.

‘Poetic justice’ he muttered, remembering the time she had got his bedroom painted with Paris-green.

Words  – 100


Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.


31 thoughts on “House Proud !

  1. Well-written and very humorous story despite its murderous content. I looked up “paris green” on Wikipedia and it is highly toxic. It’s used to kill rodents and insects. Despite that, it’s still used as a pigment. It’s in fireworks.

  2. Paris Green…you learn something new every day. Amazing how many characters are either murderers or have been killed thanks to this picture. My twisted little side is having a ball with these, haha!

  3. I always love the way you start your stories YS-with a piece of information- and then build upon it:-)This was a total fun read and definitely made me laugh 🙂

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