Between ourselves!

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Copyright - Danny Bowman

Copyright – Danny Bowman

The entire Bijagos archipelago comprises  88 small blobs of land 20 – 30 miles off the Guinea-Bissau coast in West-Africa.  A little group of 10 islands is occasionally visited by tourist to enjoy the tropical climate;  photograph giant turtles and saltwater hippopotamus.

On one of the ‘never visited by tourists’ islands is a boulder. Nothing grows around it. Ordinarily it looks like a rocky outcrop. The boulder is unknown as no outsider has seen it on the full moon night after summer solstice when it is pure crystal with a sea-hippo encased in it. The tribals worship it as Gorto from Orion – The Savior.

Words  < 105


Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.

30 thoughts on “Between ourselves!

  1. A sea hippo! That sounds rather sweet. It kind of reminded me of the Ophiotaurus called Bessie in the Percy Jackson series, that was an endearing creature too 😀 Interesting story, this, and so well written.

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