The Sunday Yarn ~ Research !

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50 03 March 9th 2014

One of Dr Jonas’s students was doing a PhD on ‘memories of the jungle in 21st century mind’.  He would bring his study subjects to the therapy room and ask them to examine the illuminated jungle painting and subsequently request them to describe the forest they had seen.

Subject #1- This is a jungle in Columbia. It is full of coca trees and the cocaleros are collecting fresh leaves to make the coca paste. Only if I can lay my hands on the paste, my problems would be over.

Subject#2- Ah Sunderbans, I can see the Bengal tigers. They are simply marvelous. If I can bag a few my problems would end.

Subject#3- I see so many therapeutic herbs. Only, if I can organize their collection and transport to my lab, my profits would soon sore.

Subject#4- Wow, beautiful. If I can lease a few acres here I can shift all my followers here and make them turn over all their wealth to me.  Who does it belong to Doctor?

Subject#5- This is the primal paradise. If I could introduce my new clones here they would breed a new world and I can be the sole master of it.

The student studied 500 subjects and concluded that in 21st century all psychic energy is generated by desire for wealth and all stages of personality development is somehow related to money.

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