The hated walkway!

Prompt ~


copyright – Adam Ickes

Mr Magar hated the walkway.

He relished privacy and warm weather. His clan had always made their homes on muddy river banks and near salty mangrove swamps. Being sensitive to cold he loved to bask in the sun.

He was not a vegan and loved  flesh for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The walkway threatened all that he loved. It had increased the competition exponentially. There were trippers to disturb him at all times. The revered dead could not be ritually disposed.

And last but not the least it deprived him from the occasional delicacy he had enjoyed over the years ……….. human flesh.

Words  < 105

PS – magar/mugger(hindi) means crocodile


Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.


43 thoughts on “The hated walkway!

  1. I almost missed the P.S., which made all the difference and added the twist. If you’d used “mugger”, I would have gotten it, at least if I were paying attention, as I know that word. Good job!


  2. i’m really scared of crocodiles and once i had a nightmare about one. and now they say a certain breed has the ability to climb trees as well =/ i enjoyed this story though and loved that i learned something new 🙂

  3. “The revered dead could not be ritually disposed.”Ha!ha!YS,my friend,this had me in splits!You have outdone yourself this time-loved the POV of the croc-koi agar magar nahi 😉

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