The Sunday Yarn ~ Ghost ships!

Prompt ~

Fog lingering around Dover Western (Cruise) Docks. [Image has been adjusted so it can be seen properly]

There is no dearth of ghost ships nowadays. They bob silently beneath a blue tarpaulin during the day time – quite invisible to the prying eyes. At sundown the crew peels back the tarp, stows it and the ship is on its way without any lights. Most of them are no fish-trawlers, merchant-man or ancient ones arisen from the dead. Generally a ton of white powder carefully wrapped in multiple layers of plastic – stored in ingenious hiding places is their cargo. Often they are heading for a fog covered dock in Europe or US.

The priest muttered Ego te absolve …………….. et Spiritu Sancti and made the sign of the cross in the air. The duty-nurse raised the white sheet to cover the dead face. The 14 year old had died of an overdose of cocaine.

The profit for the drug cartels in this business is in tens of billions. The laundered money funds terrorism, research in WMDs, sex-slave trade and other heinous crimes.

A variety of ghosts are essential contributors in this industry of ultimate dissolution.

Words <200


Sunday Photo Fiction

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