A girl with a gun!

Prompt ~

Studio Lights from Kent

copyright-Kent Bonham

Don’t move or I’ll blow your ffing head off! She warns the cashier.
Her body is lost in a loose red sweatshirt with a hood and large sunglasses. She has soft milk skin and dirty nails, but she knows how to hold a gun. Chronology dilutes her threat.
Listen, I got a little girl. Ten last birth day. Is your dad alive? Did he teach you to shoot?
She fires straight at my head.

Cut Cut ………. The director has an apoplectic fit.

Words  <100


Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.


31 thoughts on “A girl with a gun!

  1. I admit I had to read the comments to get exactly what was going on…I thought the girl with the gun was a scraggly adult, but now I realize she was an upset child actor who veered off-script, hehe. This was really cute though, and I loved the ending!

  2. Great surprise ending! Good and humorous story. Looks like that child wants the publicity. If there’s a critic around, or a reporter, it may make the news. Poor director. I bet the actor’s parents get an earful. 🙂

  3. What’s the quote about not working with children or animals? Maybe the child actor fancies herself as writer, at least she thinks sh can improve her current script. 🙂

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