A bonfire of our differences!

Prompt ~

copyright - DLovering

copyright – DLovering

They collect all sorts of things for the Holi bonfire from each house in the neighborhood. Inside homes, people stock up on colors, food, party drinks and festive foods like gujhiyas.

Holi bonfire is lighted under the decorated canopy. The ritual marks the victory of good over evil. He sings and dances around the fire. Only a few are not intoxicated.

His rival comes with a sugar cane, an ear of new wheat, and a tray of colors. He performs the rituals and then hugs all those present.

At last his rival hugs him and they cast their differences in to the bonfire.

Finally they paint each other red with gulal.

Words  <116

gujhiya ~ sweet dumplings, gulal~red Holi color


Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.

25 thoughts on “A bonfire of our differences!

  1. Thanks for introducing me to a festival with which I wasn’t familiar. Is the first dancer good and the second evil? I was a little confused about that. (In the first sentence, “They collected”, “collect” would be in keeping with the rest of your story’s tenses.)


  2. This was beautiful, both because I learned about a festival I wasn’t aware of before, and because of what it signifies. You portrayed it well. I’m from the Middle East, which is brimming with unrest, and it makes me wish so hard that a festival like this would be all it takes to get people to put their differences aside and just live in peace.

    • Thank you for the read friend.

      This year it was celebrated on 17th of March. We enjoyed the Holi bonfire on 16th night.

      Often it is very boisterous, especially in North India, hence many people do not like it. Yet it is very popular and many people of other religions also join in. The whole gamut of merry making irrespective of any past feelings is conducive of forgive and forget.
      It is quite an ancient tradition and signifies the Indian values.


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