The Sunday Yarn ~ Happy Ending!

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55 04 April 13th 2014

Last time I passed this way it was lined with stalls selling locally made wine. I bought a few bottles of red and was a little tipsy just from tasting.

The success story of this part has lost its sparkle. Most of the wineries here are on the brink of closure; estimated 5m liters of unsold wine lies stacked up in barrels and winery owners stare at unpaid bank loans they had taken on interest. Even farmers have shunned growing wine grapes and have switched to the sober table grapes business.

There were many suicides and other bad incidences. The opposition took the government to task for thursting viticulture on farmers traditionally growing cotton and coarse grains. The new entrants in to wine-making were poor oenologists and poorer sales men.

The national media acted as a young pup with new bone.

However, the government solved the problem.

It revived an old forsaken proposal of building a dam on the seasonal river that would flood the entire region. The failed farmers would get cash for their lands.

Land developers, industry and all such people would benefit – a perfect solution.


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