The Sunday Yarn ~ The surplus luggage!

Prompt ~

58 05 May 4th 2014

Peering from the window I saw the luggage carrier arrive. Something seemed amiss. The silhouette of the luggage appeared to be different. The packers must have realigned the packages in transit. I waited for them to bring my goods to my new flat.

Finally a man with a box entered the front door. This was definitely not my luggage. There had been a goof-up. I should have foreseen it – with only a computerized voice to discuss the nitty grity.

I stopped him ‘Hey there …….’, but he had opened the packing and was removing the contents. The first object to tumble out was a complete human skeleton; all this belongs to a medical student – I thought. It was followed by other weird objects and finally a jade Ouija board. I decided to keep quiet and let the events unfold as they would.

Soon another carrier with my luggage came and disgorged its meager contents inside my doors.

In a few days I had set up my meager belongings and stored the other one – waiting for a call from the packers. A month passed.

One day I set up the fancy Ouija board and humbly requested some information about it from the spirit world.

A message materialized – All this belong to me. I shall be grateful if you would give them to the care of sea or a river. As recompense for your troubles you may keep the Ouija board. I shall be available in future to help you – Elijah Bond.

 Words >200


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15 thoughts on “The Sunday Yarn ~ The surplus luggage!

  1. Having once, long ago, had one of those things… Had being the operative word! I really enjoyed this. I agree with Steve. Looks like you could go places with this intro.

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