The Sunday Yarn ~ Another Renaissance!

Prompt ~

59 05 May 11th 2014

The Chinese are ingenious people. They have flooded world markets with all type of goods.

Thirty years of sizzling double-digit economic growth has lifted many millions of Chinese out of poverty. Yet it does not suffice, especially in view of the decline in growth rate in recent years.

They have now decided to venture in to the lucrative art market.

There is no dearth of good painters, sculpturers, writers etc. Nowadays they have set up assembly lines for manufacture of statues of your dreams. They mould the basic human form in parts and individual artists give them the final touches. These are then shipped and assembled under supervision of experts by local artists. A truly brilliant take on Jung’s analytical dismemberment and integration of psyche – in  tangible form that is easily understood.

The blue lady has been sold through morphed photographs catalog. The advance received was huge and the artists were on their way to assemble the statue. Also there was a serious enquiry about the pink lady with angry red rash on her ……… (where ever you want it to be).

The gallery owner looked like a cat that had a canary for lunch and was sure of cream and fish for dinner.

 Words >200


Sunday Photo Fiction

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