The Sunday Yarn ~ Reaction!

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Not sure what this was. Possibly part of a mobile oil rig. You can see the full size of this in the photo below

The marlin had lost its brood to an oil spill. It was depressed and started meditating. It prayed to its ancestors who had helped the inhabitants of solid parts to evolve. One day the Great-Sea was sent to her and it described the exalted position of the humans because they had eaten the fruit of knowledge. It did not cool the smoldering resentment of the marlin.

The marlin kept praying to Oannes. After some time the Earth materialized before her. She looked tired and worn out. Her colorful raiment looked dirty-brown and she recounted how her vital fluids and flesh was being consumed by those who knew.

The marlin realized the urgency of the situation, and decided to take direct action. The 14-foot blue marlin punctured a critical hose that connected the oil rig’s production, storage and offloading facilities and prevented some 900,000 barrels crude from being harvested.

There have been other attacks by marine creatures on oil facilities and the knowing ones have never appreciated them as deliberate reaction from the lower beings.

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Sunday Photo Fiction

4 thoughts on “The Sunday Yarn ~ Reaction!

  1. I have always thought even ‘lower’ animals had more knowledge than men have ever given them credit for. Perhaps even the disappearance of the bees… those that do remain are trying to tell ‘humans’ something very, very important.

    Thanks for your visit. ~Jules

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