Little Ted!

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Mr J. saw the head lights of the approaching car as it reached the bridge on the small brook. He could not help but smile – Little Ted. The boy had a very unboyish fear of outdoor sports. He had helped the boy overcome his natural instincts. A mischievous glint appeared in Mr J’s eyes. Hardly anyone knew the real color of his eyes.

The tourist who was Ted but no longer little drove on – soon the road was just a black velvet ribbon partially visible through the wispy curls of the mist. Apprehensive of its continuity Ted found the driving difficult and the inevitable occurred – the car was tumbled down a steep hill at breakneck speed through the mist. The ‘end’, he thought and passed out.

He was dazzled back to consciousness. He saw a smartly clad young man holding a magnesium flare. Ted flexed his arms and legs to assess the damage and found himself fully functional. The car too was intact and the engine was still running. He switched off the ignition and got down.

The young smartly dressed man stared at him and then said, ‘Welcome and how shall I help you?’

‘I was going to Mr. Jhingaroo’s castle and then hit a steep and lost control of my car’.

‘Well I am Mr Jhingaroo and you came from the wrong end. This is the underbelly of the castle’.

It has to be Mr J’s grandson- Ted thought. He examined the young man from head to toe and was stuck by the black riding boot on his left feet. The right one was brown.

‘I never knew my grand-dad or my dad for that matter’ Mr J had read his thoughts, ‘and I am wearing these mismatched boots because I had to fly here to save you Little Ted. I could not have done that in my brown boots – could I?’

Ted was taken aback, ‘I could not recognize you in your new avatar, Sir J’.

‘I am not surprised, you rely too much on your senses and lack in perceptivity.’

‘What is it about the boots, sir?’

‘The brown ones are my everyday boots and the black ones are my flying boots, I had to fly here on one boot …..  now let us fly back to the high castle and give you some dinner. Just hold my hand and close your eyes’.

Anyone breaking these rules will be loved and forgiven in the usual manner ~ From part of a sign in a shop in York, UK.


18 thoughts on “Little Ted!

  1. I loved this line, “I had to fly here on one boot…” I also liked “He had helped the boy overcome his natural instincts.” LOL Cleverly written. Is this a continuing story?

  2. You rely too much on your senses.. that’s funny. Flying boots and everyday boots… I’d like one of each, please. Cool story.. I enjoyed it. What happens next?

      • You can develop it into a full novel. It will be a very interesting read. I intend to read Alice…just seen TV serial so don’t know much about it.

      • Get a book-bazar ereader and down load it from project gutenberg and read it on your lap top. It is easy on the eyes and you get fantastic stuff on project gutenberg that is not easily available in hard copy.

      • So do I, but it has become so difficult to get hard copies of what I wish to read and they have become so expensive. I keep my lap top on the bed and than read …. as the font size is adjustable I find it simpler. A kndle or some other ereader is preferable but havnt got down to buying one as yet. 🙂

      • There are used books on Amazon at low prices. There are old book shop also but you are right can’t buy each and every we intend to read. I’ll try as you advice. Thanks.

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