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PHOTO PROMPT Copyright -Jennifer Pendergast

Copyright –Jennifer Pendergast

Many pass under the arch each day. They come to get respite from the sun. They also come for the food. Surprisingly a platter of kulcha-bread and nihari with raw onion and green mint chutnee  is the only choice.

The eatery is called 1783. Its menu contains a brief account of the famine of 1783 and the work for food program that was undertaken to provide relief to the affected people of Oudh. The food on offer is same as that served to the laborers in 1783.

The results are still preserved in form of Roomi-darwaza – a huge arched entrance to Asafi-imambada.

Words  ~  102

Nihari & Kulcha – It is a light slow  cooked beef/ mutton stew made with thigh portion of the leg –  the round bones included; and kulcha is leavened bread made in clay ovens.

Asafi-imambada  –



Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.

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27 thoughts on “1783!

  1. “The food on offer is same” and “preserved in form of Roomi-darwaza” Do these two sentences need a ‘the’ in them?

    Thanks for the delightful history lesson and great story.

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