Mystic muddle !

Prompt ~ That is one of those instructions that are so much easier to write than to carry out. ‘Just pop the pill down the cat’s throat’ is another one. ~The Housewife’s Handbook, Rachel Simhon

Begin your journey towards awakening your potential to tap into the immense cosmic energy today.

Allured, I procured the CD.

The first step is to look at what you are running from and running towards in your life.

I never ran in my life, ………… realized it meant figuratively.

Stop running.

The email icon kept flashing on the screen. The mobile rang incessantly. I had stopped running.

My wife’s mobile rang ………. MR MURTY HAS JUST FIRED YOU.

Stop completely and focus on the God-Source within.

Knew God as the originator! This is getting curiouser and curiouser.

Words < 100


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