What else?

Prompt ~ You should go to a pear tree for pears, not to an elm. Publilius Syrus (~100 BC), Maxims

The party was over. The guests found themselves in their own homes. None remembered the drive back to their world.

Only Mr J, Ted and Fiona sat down for a simple breakfast of toast, butter and tea, on one of the upper terraces. All three ate quietly.

‘What was the purpose of all this hullabaloo?’ Fiona, the Queen of hearts asked Mr J.

‘Mainly to meet you all and see how you tread towards your destiny,’ said Mr J.

‘So, how is it – good, bad or ugly,’ interjected little Ted.

After some minutes of silence, ‘a little of all but the good is far more; and it is as expected’.

Fiona who had been watching the two carefully, asked, ‘there is a deeper motive behind all this?’


‘Will you share it with us’, Ted questioned.

‘I have no other choice.’

There was a longer silence. ‘Since the very beginning, this planet and it’s inhabitants have a streaks of good, bad and the ugly which are knitted together to form the matrix that we live in. Occasionally it has proved to be too strong or too weak for the good of all and had  to be destroyed – so that a new beginning could be made …… ‘ Mr J looked at their face and then continued. ‘During this phase of human development there have been people who took upon themselves to subtly guide the destiny of the people – Isaac Newton, Dr, Mirabilis, St Germain, Francis Bacon and Albert Einstein – just to name a few. These people resolved to know everything there is to know and encouraged the amalgamation of ancient and  new knowledge for the benefit of all.’

‘We know little of such matters,’ Ted said.

‘I selected Ted and initiated him as he traveled to this castle and Fiona is chosen because unlike others she could reach here on her own. You both shall train with me for a year so that you can recognize the next wise one from the charlatans that claim such wisdom. At the end of the year I have been ordered to accompany the current wise one to another dimension,‘ concluded Mr J.

‘Pray also tell us what we shall train for?’ asked Ted and Fiona in unison.

Magic – What else ! You should go to a pear tree for pears, not to an elm.

words < 500



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12 thoughts on “What else?

  1. This sequence of stories is rapidly becoming a favourite – I look forward to each new installment. Mr J has a magic to him that is absent in most attempts at fantasy, and this reminds me of myth or ancient folklore in a way I cannot exactly define.

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