The Sunday Yarn ~ tic a tac toe!

Prompt ~

65 06 June 22nd 2014

Desh Somerset found the pillar-box partially hidden by a dense hedge. He knew this was it. He took out a piece of white chalk and drew two parallel lines on the rusting patch and then crossed them with another set of parallel lines. Next he made a zero in the centre and walked back to his motor-car parked some distance away.

He visited the pillar-boxΒ  for three days before he found a cross added to the game. Desh picked up the hardcover Alice’s-Adventures-in-Wonderland, published in New York by D. Appleton and Co; first US-edition of 1866 from a hollow in the tree across the pillar-box.

The game on the pillar box continued with more zeros and crosses over the next fortnight.

The disgruntled member of the Guilderberg was told a story as fantastic as the one Rev. Dodgson narrated to Liddell sisters. The goal was to turn the CEO of the most powerful group of persons plotting to take over the planet.

Finally, Alice fell down the man made rabbit-hole.

Desh added another zero to the game drew a straight line across the three zeros.


The Boss was informed of this by the postman.

WordsΒ  < 200


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15 thoughts on “The Sunday Yarn ~ tic a tac toe!

  1. interesting twist to this post in reply to the prompt — love the intrigue and plots within the plots – X marks the spot – or is it a red Royal Mail post box?

    • Thanks for the read.

      The Royal mail box is used as a part of the game to indicate a step is completed and the hollow in the tree across the mail box is the drop. πŸ™‚

  2. So simple and yet so completely baffling if you don’t know what you’re looking for. If only espionage was really as simple as that…then again, maybe sometimes it is… Watch out Yarnspinner, they’ll be coming after you for revealing their secrets πŸ˜‰

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