The Jungle-lore !

Prompt ~

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright-Madison Woods

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright-Madison Woods The photo is actually from Lura Helms for whom I have no link.

The tree has never bloomed. Only crows and vultures perch on it and rats have eaten away its roots. Yet the tree lives on. It is known to casts a long shadow on a moonless night; and those who dared to stand in it simply disappeared.

The higher branches were once used for punishing people suspected of practising witchcraft. They were hanged with their toe-nails just scraping the ground. Any attempt to support the body-weight would break their neck-bone resulting in a long and painful death.

Many claim there is a direct access to fourth ditch from this tree.

WordsΒ Β  < 100


Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.


15 thoughts on “The Jungle-lore !

  1. Very well done. Nice reference to Dante’s Inferno. I haven’t read that in decades. I think the photo might be too gross for me to write anything on it. You might have spurred me on to write something. Lucy

  2. Such descriptions. The toe-nails and any attempts to support the weight ending in a painful death –
    I can see how you were inspired by the prompt.
    A quick editing suggestion – to practise the verb takes an ‘s’ as opposed to a practice the noun.

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