Of idols!

Prompt ~

PHOTO PROMPT, Copyright - Claire Fuller

Copyright – Claire Fuller

It so happened that Dom and SC (Supreme Consciousness) met at the foot of this statue of the long-dead-king.

Good day Sir, said Dom

Oh, Dom – what are you up to today?

Just a few stray thoughts that you are well aware of, Sir!

Smiles. I know. More doubts about my best creation.

Well Sir, I wonder how long more …….

You are referring to these historical icons.

Yes, these old kings and leaders long gone; some languishing in storage others weather-beaten.

Impatient Dom, SC teased.

May be you like being idolized in  your many forms.

Adieu Dom.

Words   < 100


Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.

Dom (pronounced as Ohm with a D) is a childhood friend. He has idiosyncratic ideas that are often hilarious and occasionally baffling. To read other posts about him click on the link below.


16 thoughts on “Of idols!

  1. what a great idea of a character, SC. 🙂 my favorite line even though it was not a mystery: “…What are you up to today . . . ” 😛

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