The Sunday Yarn ~ Stentorian clang.

Prompt ~

67 07 July 6th 2014

The man from across the galaxy found nothing that he had not been briefed about. All things here were quite similar to the conditions that prevailed some 5000 years ago on his planet. The place was ready to colonize. Unfortunately, he mistook the large bell as a part of tower-architecture.

The sound of a bell has the power to charm, to amaze, to warn, to frighten, to enthuse and occasionally to instill great fear. Each of us has a ring or clang that propel us to some form of action and triggers a set of genetic memories.

Ten days after …..

Joe and Sue were declared man and wife. A moderately inebriated guest climbed the belfry and clanged the striker against the large bell repeatedly. The peals with the long hum inspired various emotions in the earthlings.

However, it spelled doom for the man from across the galaxy. His cognitive processes – unable to characterize the vibrations, triggered an adrenalin overflow. As no flight route was available the brain directed its energy to shedding off the camouflage in preparation for the fight.

The earthlings in their celebratory mood did not notice the trampled largish scarab.

Words  ~ 200


Sunday Photo Fiction

Thanks Al for the lovely prompt.


13 thoughts on “The Sunday Yarn ~ Stentorian clang.

  1. After seeing the first Indiana Jones movie years ago, I’ve had an aversion to big black bugs. Excellent take on the prompt Sir Yarnspinnerr 🙂

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