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PHOTO PROMPT - Copyright - Kelly Sands

Copyright – Kelly Sands

Banished here for a year as punishment for neglecting his duties the lackey pined for his bride. The monsoon arrived. The lackey saw a rain cloud pass by and requested it to carry a message to his wife. 

He gave detailed instructions about the route.

He assured the cloud that its labor shall be suitably rewarded by pleasures on the road and went on to describe the beautiful sights the cloud shall enjoy on its northward course to the town where his bride waited for him.

The lackey was a divine attendant of Kuber – Hindu God of Wealth.

Words   < 100

The tale was first told some 2000 years ago in a Sanskrit poem ‘Meghdoot’ (literally the cloud-messenger) written by Kalidas. If interested you can download the English translation (1814) from



Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



30 thoughts on “Messenger!

  1. Hm.. Can see why he was banished but probably not the best person to banish given all that he can do. Hope he gets to see his wife again soon. Love the poetic language you use and the melodramatic feel, like a mythic tale.

  2. Dear Yarnspinner, Is there really a Hindu God of Wealth? Wow, I’m impressed and hope it works! I could use some of that too! Thanks for your tale – it was interesting and fun! Nan 🙂

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