The Sunday Yarn ~ Water too clean to drink?

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68 07 July 13th 2014

Some five hundred years ago this was one of the purest waters available on this planet. It was called ultrapure-water and was unfit for human consumption. Super-clean water tastes flat, heavy, and bitter. Just one glass of water would leech out valuable minerals from human-body and is nutritionally debilitating. The metabolism would go haywire and the bones would be just chalk unable to bear body- weight.

Ultra-pure water required 12 filtration steps beyond RO. For those of you with a technical bent, final filter in making UPW has pores that are 20 nanometers-wide. The 20 nm-filters were inspected using a scanning-electron microscope. The filters should have nothing in them.

At a time when safe drinking water was a scarce commodity, more than ten million gallons of the cleanest possible water was manufactured each day. It was so clean that it was used as an industrial solvent, absolutely central to high-tech manufacturing but not safe for human consumption.

It was used for making information-technology equipments; and the resultant chit- chat precipitated the catharsis.

Dependence on objective material science did not allow them to use their inherent power of cosmic communication

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Thanks Al for the lovely prompt.

17 thoughts on “The Sunday Yarn ~ Water too clean to drink?

  1. I use ultrapure water in my research. We have a machine that produces it for us. But a friend of mine once had to order in “rna free ultrapure water” for her biochem work. 300 quid a bottle and you could only use it once! Madness!

  2. Yes, I remember liking this one, but didn’t comment at the time. Is life too complicated, or is it just me or are we (humans) way to smart for ourselves (or as my grandmother was want to say – too big for our britches,lol).

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