The crystal sarcophagus!

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Age is a high price to pay for maturity ~Tom Stoppard


One morning Ted, Fiona and the three newcomers came down to find Mr J absent from the breakfast table. They found a note informing that Mr J had gone out and they could explore the castle on their own.

They soon started on the expedition. The castle was a maze of rooms within rooms and corridors that were too dark to explore. Daedalus built the labyrinth as a prison to hold the Minotaur. It was a structure designed to confuse. Designed  to disorient the visitors and imprison them in their  sense of bewilderment, a labyrinth should not have a window or multiple doorways as this provides an opportunity to get a sense of where one is. Yet, it is for each one of us to test our  in-built GPS system.

The maze at the castle could not be classified as labyrinth because it had many windows and doorways; each window opened to different views of silver-spring that Ted had seen on his first visit and each door opened to a larger room. Each room was furnished differently but when they retraced their steps the room was larger than the one they remembered.

All of them were flustered. They were on the verge of fighting each other with their suggestions.

Ted intervened, ‘concentrate on the ceiling friends and forget all else’.

As other friends had no better idea they did as Ted had suggested. Soon a pattern emerged. Moving centrifugally the domed ceilings were larger. Using the clue the friends decided to explore the centre of the castle.

The sun was near the horizon when they reached the centre of the castle. The Central Hall was simply huge. There is no central column or pillar. In the back, the tent-like canopied space housed a medium sized chest. It was made of pure crystal. It appeared to contain stars, roses, gems, etc – depending on the angle at which it was viewed.

The friends were still wondering as to its real nature when Mr J walked in from one of the many doors.

‘Please tell us about this’, the friends chorused.

‘Come and see for yourself’.

Mr J walked to the crystal chest and lifted the lid. The friends peered in and saw that it was full of many hued flowers.

Wonderstruck Fiona asked, ’what is it’?

‘It is a sarcophagus and contains the last remains of the many green ones who have come before us’.

‘Who were these green ones, Mr J’, queried Julian.

‘They were our leaders who did not tire of the steep narrow path and did not pay the price of maturity in years lived.

‘We want ……… ‘

‘Hold your questions – for I need to eat or I shall faint from hunger’, Mr J said and disappeared through one of the doors.

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