The Sunday Yarn ~ Of incomparables.

Prompt ~

69 07 July 20th 2014


The match was lost through over confidence, in-box thinking and run of the mill strategies. Nobody even considered a goal-less defeat. Those with a realistic turn of mind predicted a close match. The pragmatic players who had carefully evaluated the strength of the opposition opted out. That should have been first warning to the team that lost.

The missed opportunities in the first half proved costly. The spectators just enjoyed the fumbling efforts of the arthritic players match their awkward footwork with the nimble footed winners. The second half was an even affair for the first few minutes but as the game progressed the winning captain introduced some fresh legs and put the long time rulers under pressure.

As the winning captain walked away with the trophy, the losing captain (actually nobody knows for sure who was captaining) was left holding the punctured football of their inflated self-esteem.

A soccer fan who enjoyed elections (too) observed, ‘their world is now as flat as the ball they practiced with’.

PS – Football and a parliamentary elections require great stamina, immaculate footwork, sound strategies and continuous ground practice. The world cup football and Indian parliamentary elections held earlier this year amply proved this.

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Sunday Photo Fiction

Thanks Al for the lovely prompt.


12 thoughts on “The Sunday Yarn ~ Of incomparables.

  1. This was great! Ever thought of going into political commentary for a major television station? You’d make it sooo much more interesting 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed the playful descriptions in this and the back and forth between the winning and losing teams. Your comparison of football to elections is an interesting one.

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