The Sunday Yarn ~ The Tilism.

Prompt ~

70 07 July 27th 2014


Sword-fights, magic, treachery, deceit, bravery, and greed have all crumbled. The tilism (magical-maze-fort) imploded soon after Lilawati was killed. She was in love with the prince of a rival kingdom and was imprisoned here for she was the true heir to the treasure that the tilism guarded.

His Highness Mahabali wanted the treausure and sent his aiyaars (super-spies with almost magical powers) to retrieve the treasure from the clutches of the tilism.

The tilism won and all the aiyaars succumbed to the vile of the tilism. A frustrated Mahabali found Lila chained to a pillar in one of the underground chambers. As all the four walls started closing in to crush Mahabali – he tried to break the walls with his sword. Unfortunately, Lila was unshackled and got decapitated by a wild swing of his sword.

The spirit of the tilism accompanied the soul of Lila. The rubble of the tilism vanished as the last remains of Lila were cremated.

The tilism will regenerate the day true heir of the treasure reincarnates.

PS – The prompt and my muse reminded me of the first fantasy prose in Hindi ‘Chandrakanta’ written by Devakinandan Khatri which I had read many years ago.

Words  < 200


Sunday Photo Fiction

Thanks Al for the lovely prompt.


9 thoughts on “The Sunday Yarn ~ The Tilism.

  1. Haha Whoops. That put a downer on his day. 😉 Great story, I like it.

    I looked it up, and apparently Chandrakanta is an ongoing tv series. Thank you for always taking part, I look forward to your yarns 🙂

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