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Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. ~ Herodotus (484 BC – 430 BC)


Mr J was having a nap in one of the terraces and the five friends sat glumly as they tried to make sense of the many events they had witnessed at the castle.

‘I am not sure what Mr J has in store for us’, wondered Fiona.

‘More of esoteric magic and more lectures, I am sure’, Ted smiled. He was the only one who did not feel completely lost.

Confusion and indecision was writ large on the faces of Julian, Fred and Taru. They were contemplating of returning back to their distressing lives – it had been a mistake to ask Mr J for help. Yet their fondness for the bottle had destroyed all – they had no life to go back to.

Mr J walked in wearing a riding gear.

‘Is there a new lesson due, Mr J?’ queried Ted.

‘No more lessons. It is time for some hands-on training’, Mr J replied.

The five kept silent in their apprehension ……….

‘It is time to move on friends. I have been assigned courier duties, and you all too will have to leave this castle as it may no longer be safe for you all’. Mr J informed them.

Taru was most perturbed. She could not help but ask, ‘what does it mean for us?’

‘Have faith in yourself – all will be good’, Mr J assured. ‘You all shall have a flower from the crystal chest to help you. Just remember that means do not justify the end’.

Soon they were traveling down the hill headed for the nearest rail head. They were to disperse as they wanted from the rail head. Mr J had not revealed his destination. Ted and Fiona had decided to go east. Julian, Fred and Taru had decided to backpack to north, south and near east.

Fiona looked back and saw a wall of mist and pointed it out to others.

The friends were still wondering as Mr J spoke, ‘the castle has gone to other realms’.

‘What other realms’, asked Taru.

‘I do not know – other universes or other dimensions’, Mr J conjectured.

‘And what are these courier duties – you have been assigned to’, a chagrined Taru asked.

‘I shall be one of the many who convey those tiny whispers in the remote corners of human heart – the ones that are often ignored’.

They parted with a simple ‘all the best’.

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8 thoughts on “Parting!

  1. But this is not the end – now we have lots more strands to follow. How long will Mr J be able to put up with his thankless task? Where will the others travel? However, it also works as an ending if that’s as far as you want to take these characters. As the castle might return, so might they.

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