Let sleping ……

Prompt ~


Image courtesy of freeimageslive.com


Instructions on a pack of sleeping tablets – “May Cause Drowsiness”


The man stared at the antique snow-globe collection.

There were original Eiffel-towers, the Viennese-Schneekuge and the American fish-version. One amidst the many caught his eye. It was very different; this one contained a little lamp.

‘This one does not belong here’, he addressed the antique dealer.

‘The theme is misleading, sir. The technique is late 1800’s, French’.

He purchased it – broke open the globe and rubbed the lamp. It discharged some smoke.

The smoke formed a few words in front of his eyes – DO NOT DISTURB. THE JINN HAS TAKEN VALIUM AND IS ASLEEP.

words ~ 33




18 thoughts on “Let sleping ……

  1. “We are sorry our Djinn is unavailable at the moment. Please continue holding the lamp. Your wish is important to us. Please continue holding the lamp. We are sorry our….”

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