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PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright - Jan Wayne Fields

PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields


Striving for a Healthy World
Corporate Social Responsibility Cell – Pan Global Organization of Chemical Manufacturers

                                                                                                            Aug 13, 1974

Ref – Your manuscript entitled – ‘Obesogenic Properties of Environmental Chemical’.

Dear Sir,
The reviewers have rejected your claim that overweight/obesity is caused by several types of chemical pollutants. Hence, the above submission has not been found suitable for publication in International journal of Obesity Research.

The detailed comments of Dr J H Hue, DSc., Chief R & D, Glochems and Sir Edward Shen, FRS, Executive Director, Word Chemicals, are enclosed for your perusal.



PP Persfield
Executive Editor

Words   ~ 100


Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



42 thoughts on “Rejected …

  1. And Monsanto has also written to inform you that environmental toxins and mutations to plant and animal DNA cannot possibly be caused by insecticides manufactured and distributed by the Monsanto corporation.

  2. Typical corporate attitude for the time, and unfortunately I don’t think the corporate thinking has changed much in 40 years. Remember this *Dupont slogan?

    “Better Things for Better Living…Through Chemistry.”

    Given enough time, and evidence to the contrary, our public opinion did change, and by 1982 Dupont shortened the slogan to: “Better Things for Better Living” You can take the chemistry out of your slogan, but you can’t change the inherent dangers in your product’s chemicals. 😛

    Good take on the prompt!

    *Reference here:

    • Chemistry is the basic background of life and most of that makes ‘life’ easier for the common people.

      Unfortunately, scientists have used the flip side of it for most advances like pcesticides, antibiotics etc ……. its nucleus lies in the deadly aspect of the chemistry rather than its flip side.
      In other words, the killer aspect of chemistry has been exploited and not its life giving aspects.

      Thanks for the interest.

  3. very clever and yes, a timely story. i’m very glad that i’ve started paying attention to my lifestyle and the kind of products that i purchase and support.

  4. … and most of our social organizations are funded / managed by powerful business around the world – great prospect for the piece of rock we stay on !

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