The spooky series!

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Lyssa Medana


Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain – Friedrich Schiller


The horrible nightmare is finally over – the Indian cricket team lost against English men in last three test matches of the recently concluded test-series. India started off well, as they won the second test quite easily. But after that India was never in the contest. England overtook the Indians in all the department of the game. What went wrong in England for the Indian team?

The people of this world can be divided in to those who like cricket and those who do not like cricket. For the group that enjoys cricket – it is the end all. Over the years, many of these passed on to other realms – but their fervor for cricket did not diminish even in the spirit world.

Not to digress from the 2014 test series, some of the disgruntled cricket fans of England had an argument with the Indian fans in the spirit world. Like all squabbles – it boiled down to an argument of who was stronger the Indian or the English ghosts. The matter was to be resolved by a competition that comprised a demonstration that their teams could win in-spite of their spooking.

The spooks were evenly matched in the first test and it ended in a draw. The spooking at Langham’s proved to be the English teams undoing at Lords during the second match. The ghosts of Indian fans were ahead by 1 – zero.

As usually happens, the providence interfered in form of match-fixers. The betting overlords learned of this and hired some real tantriks (experts of Indian brand of black magic) to achieve their ends. These experts outsourced the whole operation to some professional demons from the spirit world. The demons spooked the English spooks out of the equation with the result that Cook and his team played without distraction in the last three matches while Dhoni’s men had to contend with Indian spooks bent upon proving their spooking powers over the English spooks.

The Indian spooks did not haunt them in their hotel-rooms. They did it on the ground. They were not out to frighten their heroes so they just turned them in to butterfingers and cursed them with diplopia.

If English cricket team can lose one test because of ghosts, why Indian team cannot lose three because of ghosts?

After all India with its billions would also have ghosts in hundreds – if not in thousands.

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6 thoughts on “The spooky series!

    • Thanks for the read.

      There has been a lot on news about the recent test series that England won by winning all the last three matches. English players lost the second test at Lords the prestigious ground – and claimed they were distracted by the ghosts in Langham Hotel where they were staying (the photo prompt).

      I have just jotted down my thoughts on it, here. 🙂

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