Sublimely repulsive

Prompt ~


Copyright – Madison Woods

They led a double-life.

Amplexus …… nobody knows if they enjoy it or not.

She took the product of amplexus in her mouth and ……… swallowed it. Her stomach swelled and bulged till there was no place for lungs to inflate. She vomited.

Dr Nebasus recognized them as inhabitants of this earth. He peered in with a laparoscope and fainted. He recovered but never published what he had seen.

To his peers he just quoted from Inferno –
From these two, art and nature, …..
….. scorns both nature in herself
and art her follower; his hope is elsewhere.

words < 100



Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.




29 thoughts on “Sublimely repulsive

    • Thanks for the read.

      It sure sounds horrible but the first part of the tale is true.

      Dr Nebasus was examining a female frog (the species has now become extinct) that was known as the gastric brooder.

  1. Yeeks! Thanks for the explanation of Dr Nebasus in the comments. I had already Googled “amplexus” so I was some way to figuring out what the silly woman was eating!

    • Thanks for the read.

      Dr Nebasus is just someone I made up. What he saw in the stomach reminded him of the genesis and the 6th circle of inferno. The cruel nature and the beautiful art that follows …….

  2. Having looked up amplexus and gastric brooding I can see how this prompt set off your story. You always give us something interesting to think about or explore.

  3. Dear Yarnspinner, You do spin a good yarn! Wow – what a story and it was awesome sci-fi! I think that you could sell this to the sci-fi channel for a start-up because it really is top-notch! Nan 🙂

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