The Sunday Yarn ~ Of portraits and selfies!

Prompt ~

74 08 August 24th


Portraits are not selfies – said the invitation to an art exhibition of a budding portrait painter. It piqued my interest – a portrait painter nowadays?

Finally, we were allowed inside the gallery. One of the walls had twelve paintings. A wall full of kaleidoscopic lava-lamps. I was about to move on in search of the portraits but a particular beam of light showed one of them to be a portrait.

I moved closer and examined each of them. They were portraits. Just a tilt of my head or a step right/ left and these appeared to be lava lamps with wax blobs of different colors. A few were pure white and others multicolored including one that was indescribably purplish-black.

The artist had seen me studying his work and walked up. I could not resist asking – what he wanted to communicate?

‘I have tried to capture the conscience of the subjects here that appears like the lava-lamp. Would you like a portrait of your teflon conscience?’

I quickly walked out.

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Sunday Photo Fiction

Thanks Al for the lovely prompt.



9 thoughts on “The Sunday Yarn ~ Of portraits and selfies!

  1. Haha yeah, I think I would do that as well. Would probably come out looking black hehe.

    A great story, I like the use of the Lava lamp, a new take on the aura reading. Thank you.

  2. Reminds me of the time I was in a book store and picked up a little book on superstitions. On the first page was a stern warning, basically if you don’t want superstitions to rule your life, put this book back on the shelf and walk away… so I did.

    ‘Teflon Conscience’ is that what most politicians have? Walk… I’d have run at full speed. 🙂

    • The episode about superstition is interesting. Unfortunately a few of them are a part of our social and cultural environment – it would be nice if such a warning can be given at our births and we have an option to walk away.

      Thanks for the read, Jules. 🙂

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