The Sunday Yarn ~ Theatre in-situ!

Prompt ~

This is the stairwell in my flats, just outside my door. There is the flight ahead on the left going up, and the flight on the right going down


I ran up the stairs and hid in my flat. I do not know who I was running away from – man, beast or ghost.

I heard the tread of heavy boots on the stairs, then a stir at the front door. A moment later, there came a thundering knock at the door along with a long peal of the door bell, ‘Open the door’.

I could not move. A newer flat would have a fire-escape; in any case I was paralyzed by fear. Open the door – accompanied by trampling of feet, shouts and yells. A series of blows on the door – for a few moments it resisted the attack. The battering persisted – one mighty blow, and the door splintered.

Bright sunshine filled the entrance banishing the dank narrow street, the threatening crowd and the fear. It was my bed-room.

A little electricity and few chemicals in some neurons lying behind the frontal-brain produced this. I looked at my watch …… I had been asleep for half-an-hour.

This is drama in-situ – a one man show authored, sketched and played out by me for myself and only myself to applaud or shudder.

Words  < 200


Sunday Photo Fiction

Thanks Al for the lovely prompt.


10 thoughts on “The Sunday Yarn ~ Theatre in-situ!

  1. I think one of the most challenging night-frights I have had are those where I thought I had forced myself awake up from some distracted dreaming to find out that I was still caught in the dream.

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